I have a problem. Ok, more than one, but let’s just focus on this one today.

I love water. I never go anywhere without my leaky trusty CamelBack, even if it’s just a short drive to the grocery store.  I never know when I might need a drink–but actually, I do know–about every five minutes.

I drink almost two gallons of water a day. It’s kind of disturbing how impossible it is to quench my thirst. (No, I don’t have diabetes.  Yes, I’ve been tested for that, along with a myriad of other things.)

There are some days when I literally can’t stomach the idea of drinking one more sip of water, but I’m still SO thirsty that I have to have something.  I had to laugh today when I glanced over and saw this lovely beverage assortment next to my keyboard.

Can you say hydrated?

You can imagine that all this beverage imbibing leaves me with another P(ee)roblem. I like to look on the bright side of that though, too. With all my running to the bathroom, I can consider that my cardio workout for the day 😉


  • Why am I so thirsty? If you know what’s wrong with me (besides the obvious), let me know.
  • Also, what is your favorite thirst-quenching thing to drink?