My husband is out of town for work this week. To keep myself busy while he’s gone, I try to schedule as many things as possible with everyone I know. He has been gone quite a bit, so I’m pretty sure all my friends, family members and even my dog are sick of me by now.  When that happens,  I have to find other stuff to do. So I clean. I know, it’s a miracle.

I also update my blog with stuff that I should have posted a long time ago. That’s a miracle too.

Earlier this spring, I received a generous package from the folks at Swanson Health Products. The box was loaded with all kinds of goodies, most of which I still have yet to try, but included Tom’s of Maine toothpaste, Soyjoy bars, Green Tea Supplement, Smart Pill, Cocoa Butter Lotion, and Mrs. Meyer’s Surface Scrub.

Why haven’t I tried the Green Tea pills yet?? I forgot those were in there!  Maybe with those, I could cut back to three cups a day.  Evidently, I also need some of the Smart Pills, too.

Anyway, what I have tried, since I’ve been a cleaning machine, is the Mrs. Meyer’s Surface Scrub.

This product is a definite LMLer!

We have charming, but easily marred, porcelain sinks in our kitchen, which are terrible to keep looking nice and clean. The slightest brush with a frying pan or scrape of a cookie sheet leaves a long black scratch against the surface, and the delicate color shows even the slightest speck of debris.

My aunt taught me to use a heavy powdered cleanser on the surface to buff out the scratches and remove the discolorations. This worked really well, except the strong chemicals left my hands gray and cracked, and the acrid smell of the cleanser would burn itself into my throat  every time I did the dishes for a week after.

I loved that Mrs. Meyer’s products are as natural and gentle as possible. This particular scrub is 98% naturally derived, eco-friendly and biodegradable.  The lavender scent was a much sweeter alternative, and I felt better knowing that I wasn’t inhaling chemical fumes.

And guess what?

It works! Since Mrs. Meyer’s Surface Scrub is a softer formula, it did take a little extra elbow grease to remove the imperfections, but no one ever said we were afraid of grease around here.

Are you interested in getting some free Swanson Health Products goodies to review on your own blog? Then check out the Swanson Health Blog for all the details.

Thanks again to Swanson for allowing me to review some of their products!

Hopefully my husband’s not reading this post during his travels–he may be shocked to learn that I actually do housework while he’s away. Sorry honey, I didn’t say the house would stay clean!