My newspaper came held together by a rubber band today. Normally it comes in a thin, yellow plastic bag. Unless it’s an orange bag, which means I’ve gotten the wrong paper. Oh well. Different comics and a worse crossword puzzle is all.

Anyway, i slipped the little band off my newspaper and turned to throw it in the trash.

“Wait!” I thought to myself.  “I might be able to use this later!”

And that, folks, is the moment I knew that I am, in fact, about to receive my AARP card in the mail.  (No offense Mom. 60 is the new 40.) Perhaps getting a daily newspaper should have tipped me off to that first.

I am my mother. And my grandmother. But that’s ok.  I will be lucky if I can be half the amazing women they are as I grow older–hoarded rubber bands, bad hips, stolen sugar packets and all. I love them.  And you know what? They were prepared. Does anyone need a safety pin?

Happy Mother’s Day Mom. xoxo