I generally am not a huge fan of roadtrips. Endless hours sitting in the car? No thanks! But when my wonderful husband called me up last Tuesday and asked me if I wanted to take an impromptu vacay, I couldn’t resist! we have both been mired in winter blues lately, and with so much going on with family, school, work and church, we rarely have time for just the two of us.

Where could we go with only a day’s short notice? Flying was basically out of the question, so we settled on viva!Las Vegas! Thursday a.m. we set out for a glorious long weekend, and 6 hours later, we arrived!

As we got further south, the temperature kept going and and up, and the grin on my face got bigger and bigger! (The dash reads 73 degrees, by the way). I LOVE the sun!

I couldn’t believe how much fun we had, even though we didn’t really do a lot of the typical Vegas things. We don’t gamble, drink or stay up past 10:30 pm, but we did……walk the strip, eat at Mesa, visit the Hoover Dam and the new bridge, eat more food (it IS Vegas after all!), stop by the Las Vegas Temple, ogle some sweets, see LOVE, shop(did you know LV has an H&M??), and the highlight–Trader Joe’s! I can’t even tell you how much money I dropped there.  Worth every penny. Just like the rest of the trip!