I have eaten at Sonic once in my broad lifetime of culinary adventures. It’s not really my scene. Unless I want a mini banana split. So genius. But then I discovered I can make one at home (I know!), so my need for Sonic is pretty much non-existent.

However, if I ever deign to set foot inside—or car at drive-up—again, it will be purely because of this guy.

The Sonic Guy.

This picture does not do him justice, but it’s the best I can get while driving to work. You know I’m already late!

There he is, rain, snow and shine, be-bopping around in his camo-print long johns and crazy Mohawk cap. He thrusts, grinds and shakes that, uh…Sonic sign for all he’s worth. You know he’s totally listening to Lady Gaga!

Anyone who can get out there and dance, dance, dance for the world to see, unabashedly movin’ and groovin’ before 9:00 am is a complete rock star.

I can tell he loves his life. I could never be that excited about waving around a $.75 French Toast Sticks sign.  But I am excited to see him, and he always puts a big grin on my face.

I feel like I should buy him a banana split. But he probably gets them for free.