…washes, that is.

I don’t generally consider myself a frivolous person. I clip coupons, use the “envelope” money system, pack my lunch and snacks almost every day, eat dinner out only once a week and take my own bags to the grocery store. Hey, conservation in all areas, right?

But there is one luxury I like to allow myself, even though it’s completely unnecessary.

One on the sink:

One in the shower:

I  relish the utter convenience of having two of the exact same products within arm’s reach anywhere in my bathroom. Anyone who has had to leave the steamy cocoon of a hot shower and hop onto freezing cold tile to retrieve a bath product, all the while dripping water and deep conditioner all over the floor, can surely relate to the genius of this idea.

I may be lazy, but my bathroom floor is dry, I’m warm, and my face is extra clean.