Long before the animated movie, my mom and I made up the term “happy feet” on our own. I like to keep my toenails painted year-round with  pretty, bright colors, and sometimes, when I’m home, I’ll do my mom’s toes too.

Even if it’s not flip flop weather, we can still have happy toes and happy feet when we take our big woolly socks off. It’s a little reminder that better (and warmer) days are yet to come.

This year, for my birthday, my mom came to SLC to visit. We had a girly lunch and cupcakes, shopped out brains out and got pedis at my favorite place, Nailed.   That day was so fun and fancy, and it was really special to spend time just me and my mama.

It has been a couple weeks, but I still have my happy feet! Even happier ‘cuz I think of my mom every time I see my sparkley toes!

P.S. My mom pointed out that my feet are orange. Yeah, that’s not spray tan. That’s the 5 lb. bag of baby carrots from Costco per week. Seriously.