I was nice to a telemarketer today. It may seem like a small accomplishment. but I’m usually pretty annoyed by telephone sales, and it takes a lot of effort not to be rude.

I have started to make a point of asking people how they are–the cashier at the grocery store, the UPS guy, and today, this guy on the phone. I surprised myself by doing this, because I already knew he was trying to sell me something.  But it seemed like the courteous thing to do, and as I listened to his polite reply, it occurred to me that he’s just a regular guy. He’s trying to make a living, take care of his family, make enough to take is girlfriend out on Friday or fill his car with gas. Telemartketing is his job right now, and while the JOB is loathsome, HE is not.

I hope it gave him a little boost to have a nice conversation with someone, even if I did have to say “no thank you” to his product.

I know it made me feel good. And when I wished him a good day at the end of the call, I really meant it.