Once upon a time, I spent an inordinate amount of money at amazon.com. I really love to read, and I love to get little presents in the mail, so it seemed to be an ideal, albeit costly,  combination.  The problem is, as much as I love to read, I rarely allow myself a free moment to sit back and do it.  So, my books pile up, along with my expenditures.

One day, I was detailing my most recent wish list for my husband, and he suggested something mind-blowing:

“Why don’t you just see if they have those books at the library?”

What?!! Such a novel idea! Imagine that–the library! In case you were unaware, the library is a place that offers FREE books. There is zero shipping cost, and only sometimes does one have to wait for their reading selections to become available. Wow. What a concept.

Now I don’t even have to pay any money to let my stack of books go unread. They will be there when I need them.