Ok, technically I don’t have to sneak.  I just get in my car and go there. I can casually mention to my co-workers that I’ll be headed there come noon o’clock, and I can even admit to my husband that I’m there when when he calls to see what’s taking me so long to get home.

But between you and me, it feels like a guilty pleasure. You see,  I could go into Target at any time of day, any day of the year and find at least 60 things I would like to purchase. It’s dangerous.  Luckily I possess a minimal amount of self-control that I choose to employ at times of great temptation such as this.

So , I allow my self to go.  Clothes-so cute! Seasonal-I LOVE seasonal! The dollar bins-it’s a dollar!!  Grocery-I could go on and on! I browse the aisles and savor each department. I read the the funny holiday cards and ogle the appliances.

And occasionally, just maybe…I buy myself a little gift.

Because, after all, we’re living in the PRESENT.