I love getting the paper every day. In addition to tea, it is one of the things that motivates my butt out of bed at 5:05 a.m.  But I especially love the Sunday paper. It’s a big one–heavy pages, thick with the smell of newsprint. I relish looking through each section: Life1, Life2, Utah, Classifieds, occasionally Sports, and always Comics, the huge Sunday crossword, coupons and sales flyers.

I spend an hour or so each weekend browsing through, rocking the crossword and seeing what kind of deal I can get on three boxes of cereal or a hideous bedroom set that probably needs to be on sale a lot more than that or no one will ever buy it.

As much as I look forward getting the paper on Sunday mornings, I think I like what it symbolizes more.  That three pound pile of print in mydriveway means that I can actually take the time to lounge around in my pj’s for an extra bit while I enjoy breakfast. I can skim the Classifieds before church and finish the Cryptoquip after lunch. I have the whole day to enjoy the paper–and I have the whole day to enjoy.