Today is the very first day of the rest of this blog’s life. I’m so excited to start a new blog and take the opportunity each day to reflect on the things that make me love my life.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been making up acronyms in my head for the things I do. ALAP meant “as little as possible,” AMAP meant “as much as possible,” JYC is “just in case.” I’ve got a million. But recently, I’ve come up with a new one. LML. This is my favorite. It means “love my life.”

It may be silly, but  when I see or do something that makes me happy throughout the day, I think to myself, “LML!” (Of course, this just makes me happier because I get to use my acronym.)

This blog will be a collection of these moments, and I hope it will spread cheer while inspiring others to love their own lives.

This isn’t much for today, but it’s the little things that count sometimes.  And that definitely makes me LML.